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Mobilă si interioare complete pentru case și afaceri din lemn si lemn reciclat in stiluri rustic, vintage si industrial.

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Unique interiors

Recycl’Art crează mobilă ce dă un caracter fiecărei afacere și case. Through the years we build a vast portfolio of succesfull projects. Indiferent că o cafenea, un birou modern, a restaurants, a hotel, a pension,  a pizzeria, o cabana, un frizerie, a beautysalon, a lunchroom, a production facilitie sau living-ul tău. Cu mobila noastră caracteristică din lemn combinat cu elemente industriale, orice cameră primește o îmbunătățire from the Recycleart team.


'Handmade' la comanda

The way you like it. Your cabana, restaurant, sleepingroom, entrance, dining table, chair or kitchen. Our team listens and together we look for the best solution fitting your desires. Wood, recylced wood or a combination of wood.  We know how to make your place feels like  home. Everything is handmade in our own workshop.

Recycling wood

Recycl’Art started with woodwork projects from recycled wood. Pallets, cargo wood, old windows, beams from old houses and many more sources we put into our furniture and projects. The recycled wood is combined with different woods (pine, oak, tei) or combined with steel, concrete or any other material desired by the client.

Social impact

Recycleart is co founded by Asociatia Roman Works. An NGO with the vision to create jobs for people with a distance to the labour market. Other charities are benefiting from donations or collaboration in different projects.

Partenerii noștri

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